Sounding out the Silence

The island of televisions stood out on the rocks, a monstrosity of wires and voices competing with each other, extending tentacles and antennae towards the sky. Under a dusty sky made up of pollution, we dug into the rotted earth, hoping to find the treasure chest of answers that somebody could have left us, if we had thought enough ahead to have a past. So much for the script and going by the numbers, there should be signposts, mile markers or something that will lead us out of this long one-way road that never seems to end.

"I have not seen a car in longer than an hour. I guess that you could say that we are out in the middle of Nowhere. The flesh will soon fail us in our endeavors to touch the sky."

The therapist asks "What was the event that blanketed your heart with so much embitterment? Who made you into the angry power bitch that you are, today?"

Maybe with heavy medication, the therapist could see inside your mind and shrink those parts that are making you mad. Maybe we could cut out some of the parts and save them in a jar for you, until you grow up a little more.

"There is a difference between feelings and thoughts. Today's assignment is to list the subtle differences between the two, using five hundred words or less."

"Because you are not blinded by the lust for my loins, what else would keep you after you are sick of my blabbing?

She laughs out loud.

"Okay…if I said that...because you are not blinded by huge cock, what do you want, but to hear me talk?"

Razee Ink 2000-2009

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