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Spoken by the Author, the poem is available in .mp3 format. HERE
Oozing Words into Emotion

The police hospital building
stands brightly out
in the devastated city crumbled
sterile operating rooms
overflow with extra appendages
various body parts stacked up
arms, left and right
hunks of flesh, legs
hanging off of hooks
in rows, swinging
back and forth in danse
fluids drip, solidify, frozen floor
a man in the corner, counting
scratching into a little black book
adding and subtracting, always
losing count, having to start over

words hallucinate before him
filling up his throat, choking
holding him down, binding
ripping into his thoughts
emotions begin to seep out
spill out onto the floor
flatten themselves to the ground
something to trip over
stumbles the machine's silence
grotesque fumes asphyxiate
whisper obscenities
invades the disease
germ warfare
stomps the Innocence.

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